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Craft Docs releases AI Assistant to boost writing productivity

Craft, the company building “the future of documents,” is introducing its new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant feature set, aiming to revolutionize how people carry out their daily tasks.

This feature set is available to use for everyone, right now, with no waiting list, bringing the vast power of AI inside Craft to deliver significant time-saving and productivity-boosting benefits to all users, according to the vendor.

The AI enables people to speed up writing, spark ideas to beat writer’s block, summarize long documents, rephrase a paragraph, write social posts based on any context, generate hashtags, proofread text to eliminate errors, and translate to any language.

With Craft AI Assistant, all the user has to do is tell Craft what they want, and the tool helps to create the content right in front of the user’s eyes.

Users can also ask Craft’s AI Assistant a question to find information contained within their documents, and get an instant answer in human-like text.

For example, an employee of a company using Craft for their knowledge base could type: “What to do when I’m sick and need a day off?” Craft AI Assistant will locate the relevant information, and answer in seconds.

Craft AI Assistant is powered by GPT-3, one of the most advanced AI systems on the market. GTP-3 applies machine learning to understand questions and generate human-like text.

With this new feature, Craft users can finally have a true AI assistant that will help to elevate their work, gain new insights, and find the information they need, quickly and easily.

“The launch of Craft AI Assistant brings the power of AI inside Craft. We believe that GPT-3 AI has now reached the point where it’s more than just a novelty. We believe it will have a significant, positive impact on how we work, communicate and express ourselves. Craft AI Assistant is just our first step to integrating machine intelligence into Craft,” said Balint Orosz, Craft CEO and founder. “This new feature will empower us, remove friction from our creative process and allow us to focus on what really matters: creating and sharing ideas, building beautiful, brilliant documents, and enabling us to map out and focus our thoughts, better than ever before.”

Craft AI Assistant is available in the product now to all Mac and iOS Craft users and is free, with limits for each subscription tier.

For more information about this news, visit www.craft.do.

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