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  • March 10, 2010
  • News

Coveo strengthens 2.0 in V. 6.1

Coveo has released Version 6.1 of its Enterprise Search Platform, which now features expanded Enterprise 2.0 capabilities, additional connectivity, search analytics and complete desktop and e-mail indexing.

The company explains that V. 6.1 combines structured and unstructured data from any enterprise system onto Coveo's proprietary unified index without moving data, thereby allowing organizations to search for information across multiple databases, including Enterprise 2.0 systems, and see the information in a single view, helping to improve decision-making and operational efficiency.

V. 6.1’s new Outlook Sidebar helps users to easily pinpoint e-mails, attachments, contact details and even search across other enterprise systems, without ever leaving Outlook. Within the Outlook Sidebar, users also see location, photos, contact information and even availability, helping geographically distributed colleagues feel more connected. The intuitive Desktop Searchbar "floats" over any Windows application to provide instant access to the unified search interface.

Also new are Enterprise 2.0 and social search elements that leverage the "wisdom of crowds," communities and more. Coveo's custom-built connectors can now index Enterprise 2.0 social networking platforms. Users can search content across Enterprise 2.0 systems and display results in a unified view with information from other enterprise systems when performing searches. V. 6.1 also enables the creation of dynamic information mashups and dashboards.

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