• January 9, 2020
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Coveo creates AI-powered commerce solution

Coveo, an AI solutions provider, is releasing Coveo for Commerce, an AI-powered solution that will enable the next era of personalized, profitable omnichannel customer interactions.

Coveo for Commerce enhances product and content discoverability, detects buyer intent, and automatically merchandizes personalized product recommendations that make business sense. 

“Digital commerce businesses know that today’s customers expect personalized, relevant experiences. But that’s not all businesses need to drive growth,” said Louis Tetu, Coveo chairman and CEO. “Organizations also want to increase the profitability of their commerce operations. Coveo for Commerce enables businesses to do all of the above elegantly with AI.” 

Organizations using Coveo for Commerce can elevate their customers’ experiences and – in the process – grow their businesses.

Coveo for Commerce connects and unifies product catalogs and product-related content to provide shoppers with comprehensive, relevant information in their shopping experience.

Coveo’s Automatic Relevance Tuning (ART) uses past behavior from all shoppers to predict the content that will be most useful to each new shopper in turn.

And it is constantly learning – adapting to new trends and continuously improving. Each shopper’s experience is tailored to them, including highly individualized catalog search query suggestions, product recommendations, navigational facets and search results ranking.

Coveo’s Dynamic Navigation Experience (DNE) applies advanced machine learning to automatically change the order of search facets, and facet values, based on shopper queries, to help them quickly narrow down results to the item they need.

By presenting dynamic, intent-driven facets and values, DNE helps refine searches, find the right product faster, and increases add-to-cart conversion. 

Coveo recommends products not just based on the personal attributes of the shopper, but also on what makes profitable business sense. Coveo for Commerce optimizes in real time to increase conversions from products with higher margins, as well as promoted and highly rated products.

Coveo for Commerce is one solution running on the Coveo Platform, a multi-tenant cloud that connects the entire customer journey – from visiting the website for the first time, to purchasing, to interacting with an agent, to self-serving as a customer.

For more information about this release, visit www.coveo.com.

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