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Converseon.AI Launches Library of Pre-Built AI-Powered Language Models

Converseon, an AI-powered text analytics technology and consulting firm, has announced the release of a library of prebuilt machine learning models designed to drive enhanced value and use of social listening data.  The models, built via the firm's machine learning-as-a-service platform, Conversus.AI, enable brands to choose and subscribe to their preferred pre-built, industry-centric models and deploy them either directly or in conjunction with social listening, management, and business intelligence platforms.

Each model has been designed and tested for high impact and exceeds a minimum threshold of .80 F1 performance score (precision and recall).  By making these models available for immediate subscription and deployment, the company says, brands can accelerate the use of social data and insights in their organization, and avoid the significant cost and time trying to build models from scratch.

"Machine learning is powering a new generation of social data use and value by classifying data like humans do even when specific keywords are not present," said Rob Key, CEO of Converseon.  "It allows companies to move far beyond simple sentiment and emotion to expand the use of this data in critical areas."  

He noted that these easy-to-access models are designed to align to industry language, taxonomies and needs to cost efficiently unlock even greater value of social data.  These areas range from brand tracking to consumer insights, customer experience, social advocacy, customer care and more. 

Current industries available include retail, financial services, insurance, telecom, hospitality, transportation, among others.  Models include voice of customer, brand love, trust/distrust, advocacy, innovation, customer care, among others.  New models, industries and languages will be rolled out and added to the library on an ongoing basis.

The models are also available directly via the company's SaaS Conversus.AI platform, which allows users to access prebuilt models, as well as build and deploy their own models to listening, management, voice of customer and business intelligence platforms. The solution provides users to automatically test performance of all models before deployment.   For models not currently available in the library, the firm's experienced solutions team can rapidly build custom and bespoke models to meet client needs.

For more information on accessing these models and library, please visit https://converseon.com/solutions/classifier_library.

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