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  • March 20, 2015
  • News

Content Analyst releases CAAT 3.17

Content Analyst has launched CAAT 3.17, which the company describes as a machine-learning text analytics engine extensively integrated into software applications serving the legal community for e-discovery, information governance, contract life cycle management, intellectual property management and information services.

Key enhancements to CAAT 3.17 include:

Innovation in phrase queries. CAAT 3.17 includes the technology’s ability to find conceptually related content using an entire phrase as a search query, providing even better conceptual search results to users. The company says this capability can be especially useful when searching non-compositional phrases, that is, the meanings of the component words do not capture the meaning of the phrase as a whole. The company reports that CAAT 3.17 delivers powerful relevant results from well-formed conceptual searches and shorter phrases.

Text near-dupe performance enhancements. Version 3.17 includes even greater enhancements to performance and scalability, both in processing speed and throughput.

Insight visualization. Although CAAT already identifies relevant and responsive relationships within large amounts of unstructured content, Version 3.17 offers new tools to support the visualization of these valuable insights. Content Analyst’s partners can now easily provide insightful and compelling visualizations within any CAAT-powered software or Web-based product.

The company supports its network of OEM partners with a robust program including training, integration support, code reviews, marketing and more. The company will be offering additional training on visualization support with the release of CAAT 3.17.

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