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Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud supports the intricacies of revenue management

Conga, a provider of revenue lifecycle management solutions, is releasing Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, a cloud platform that supports the complexities of revenue management, leading to improved efficiency and certainty for businesses.

Upgrading its core technology from applications to a full, open cloud solution strengthens Conga’s position in the market and with its partners, and advances capabilities for customers to accelerate the transformation of their revenue lifecycles, according to the company.

Conga’s Revenue Lifecycle Cloud addresses organizations’ unique complexities while delivering seamless customer interactions and greater certainty across every touchpoint to drive the revenue predictability companies seek.

From proposals and quoting, to getting deals signed, contract execution, invoicing, and obligation management, fulfilling and renewing, Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud now offers the solutions to not only keep businesses resilient but allow them to thrive.

Conga offers a single system-of-record offering a unified source of truth to drive intelligence throughout revenue processes for businesses, with a platform that is open, and designed to run on any cloud infrastructure provider.

The cloud platform offers customers more choice to incorporate Conga wherever they want – whether through the Conga user experience (UX), commercial applications (e.g., Salesforce, ServiceNow, etc.), or even their own UX using Conga’s APIs.

The application of AI and machine learning to the Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud delivers an intelligent system to allow for more predictability.

Conga removes manual processes with automation to improve efficiency, predictability, and accuracy for revenue activities.

“Conga is the only vendor offering this type of advanced cloud solution, capable of supporting complex workflows and delivering the full revenue lifecycle at scale,” said Grant Peterson, chief product officer at Conga. “With Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud, we’re putting the customer at the center of growth, through breaking the single channel mindset and creating a scalable sales engine. In doing so, we help customers focus on continuous transformation. We couldn’t be more excited about delivering on our promise of providing customers with the tools they need for a seamless buying experience across channels to achieve revenue operations success.”

Various departments across an organization can also benefit from Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud. For instance, HR teams that don’t use Salesforce can now use Conga to generate documents—like offer letters, benefit statements, and more—anywhere with data that comes from any system of record.

Sales reps can also use Conga to accelerate deal cycles by automating sales activities—including proposals and quotes—at every step from request to renewal, increasing sales productivity and improving the user buying experience.

Customers also benefit from a more seamless end-to-end buying experience across channels, products, and industries with Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud through the following unique features:

  • Unified data model: Data can be used from any system of record, across applications and processes. This allows for better collaboration among cross-functional teams involved in the revenue lifecycle and eliminates silos in decision-making with a single source of truth.
  • Open platform: Conga’s API-first architecture enables companies to integrate directly into the enterprise apps, CRMs, and ERPs they’re already using for a seamless revenue operations lifecycle experience.
  • Best-in-class capabilities: Whether using one feature or a holistic unified set of capabilities, Conga offers material business value and provides simplicity in an otherwise complex revenue lifecycle.
  • Best-in-industry Scale/Performance: Removing limitation in complex pricing, large bundles, and complex revenue rules.

“Revenue is the fuel that powers companies. Conga realizes this opportunity and the need to help businesses reinvent how they connect with customers to drive effective revenue operations success,” said Noel Goggin, CEO and culture leader at Conga. “We are meeting our customers where they are and reimagining the end-to-end customer experience across the entire revenue lifecycle with these latest innovations. The introduction of Conga Revenue Lifecycle Cloud is further proof that Conga adopts a customer-first approach to create personalized customer journeys that attract, excite, and transform our customers' businesses.”

For more information about this news, visit https://conga.com.  

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