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ColumbiaSoft Simplifies Contract Document Management with New DocuSign Connector

ColumbiaSoft, a document management software company, has integrated with DocuSign, a provider of digital transaction management e-signature technology, to provide a closed-loop system for creating, reviewing, and digitally signing contracts and other documents.

Using the new Document Locator DocuSign Connector, documents can be routed to customers and vendors outside the system for immediate electronic signature.

According to Scott Zieg, executive director at ColumbiaSoft, using the new DocuSign Connector, any document signing, including business contracts, sales agreements, leases, and legal files, can be handled more quickly, and the documents can be signed while on the go using a laptop or mobile device.

With the new capability, the company says, the process includes a "send for signature" step in Document Locator's workflow that sends the file for signature with DocuSign. The signer receives an email asking for the review and signing of the file. Once a document is complete, it's automatically saved back into Document Locator as a new, signed version. Workflow can continue the process further if needed, for example routing the file for countersignature, notifying key stakeholders, or applying records policies.The entire signing process is completed digitally while keeping information secure and delivering legally enforceable contracts.

For information about DocuSign, visit www.docusign.com.

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