Cognitive Computing Consortium Forms to Discuss Issues with Technology

Leading industry experts are launching a Cognitive Computing Consortium to focus on furthering innovation in cognitive computing.

The consortium is an interactive forum for researchers, developers, and practitioners of cognitive computing and its allied technologies.

The consortium was co-founded by Sue Feldman, CEO, Synthexis; and Hadley Reynolds, principal analyst at NextEra Research, to fill a gap in the industry. Its mission is to enable professionals to exchange ideas and insights to conduct research and to educate buyers, users and the public on cognitive computing technologies, their uses, and potential impacts.

The group was inspired to form after vendors told various experts that they needed an unbiased source to which they can refer potential clients for validation, advice, and background information. Buyers of cognitive computing-related technology and services seek trusted guidance on how and when to use cognitive computing applications, according to Feldman.

Members receive research reports, reduced fees at events, access to online forums, and early access to data gathered by the consortium’s projects. They also can participate in online discussions and have the opportunity to submit candidate content for publication. Members may also be invited to participate in the consortium’s standards-oriented projects.

Individual membership requires a demonstrated expertise in fields such as search, analytics, machine learning, intellectual property, software development, big data, and technology market research.

For more information about the consortium, visit http://cognitivecomputingconsortium.com

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