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  • September 13, 2022
  • News

Cloudingo and LeanData collaborate to provide the optimum Salesforce experience

Cloudingo, a provider of solutions that ensure data quality integrity between Salesforce and other applications, is partnering with LeanData, the modern revenue orchestration platform for today’s growth leaders.

Through this partnership, the two companies will provide an all-in-one product experience for their joint customers with Cloudingo data quality services working in concert with LeanData lead routing services to provide the optimum Salesforce experience.

“Cloudingo’s heritage and reputation in data cleaning and data management put them on our radar as we looked for a partner that could enhance the Salesforce experience for our customers,” said Evan Liang, CEO, LeanData. “LeanData’s solutions connect people and data across the go-to-market process, providing opportunities to drive revenue. Cloudingo and LeanData together offer a way to further accelerate the revenue generation process by providing an easy way to convert leads and look to Salesforce as a single source of truth where data is regularly updated and synched.”

Cloudingo provides Salesforce customers with an easy way to eliminate and prevent duplicate records and enhance overall data quality.

Its robust API supports the merging, syncing, and streamlined integration of data between Salesforce and other surrounding applications.

In conjunction with existing integration platforms-as-a-service, Cloudingo seamlessly orchestrates data quality across the enterprise. In adding LeanData to its list of partners, Cloudingo continues to help customers drive revenue by making Salesforce a single source of truth.

“In partnering with LeanData, Cloudingo now offers our joint customers a path to enrich lead and contact records at any point within their routing flow,” said Lars Nielsen, CEO, Cloudingo. “Cloudingo brings to the table a solution that cleans up Salesforce allowing our customers to have data they can trust. We’re so pleased to be working with LeanData and attending the company’s conference, OpsStars, later this month.”

For more information about this news, visit https://cloudingo.com or www.leandata.com.   

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