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Clarabridge unveils AI-augmented QM to support contact center agents working remotely

Clarabridge, a global leader in Customer Experience Management (CEM) for the world’s top brands, is introducing enhancements for its Quality Management (QM) solution that benefits contact centers.

To meet the increasing expectations of customers, develop and retain agents, and improve QM operational efficiency, Clarabridge is launching its AI-augmented QM.

The solution is people-focused and outcome-oriented, with agent evaluation based on known drivers of desired business results derived through Clarabridge’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU).

Underpinning the success of these outcomes is Clarabridge’s patent-pending Intelligent Scoring feature, which incorporates AI-derived drivers into scoring criteria and automates the scoring process across all feedback channels.

As interactions are scored, integrated workflows escalate, alert and notify relevant teams to violations or risky interactions, while also capturing and reporting on remediation efforts.

Coaching moments are automatically curated in customized team-based inbox views for agents and managers to review and comment on score results. Agents can view their scores, filter and browse calls and interactions that are augmented with evaluation metrics and flag evaluations they refute.

An AI-augmented QM solution specifically designed for the contact center and seamlessly integrated with the industry’s leading speech and text analytics platform helps save agents and managers time so they can focus on higher-value interactions, according to the vendor.

At the same time, QM and service teams can use this modernized solution to get the answers they need faster to improve sales effectiveness and conversion, and identify and flag compliance risks to prevent expensive fines at scale.

“Clarabridge’s AI-augmented Quality Management solution transforms contact centers by modernizing antiquated manual processes and putting employees and customers first,” said Mark Bishof, CEO of Clarabridge. “By ensuring that prescribed behaviors are oriented to desired outcomes, coaching is conducted empathetically and organizations are constantly improving through data-driven insights, contact center leaders can transform a cost center into a value center.”

For more information about this news, visit www.clarabridge.com.

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