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Clarabridge Rolls Out Voice Transcription and Advanced Analytics for Contact Centers

Clarabridge, Inc., a provider of Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions, has announced CX Contact Center, a full-service solution for analyzing Voice of the Customer data in the contact center. Designed to increase time to value, CX Contact Center allows companies to transcribe, aggregate and analyze customer recordings and interaction data in the contact center, delivering actionable insights.

Contact centers provide a wealth of rich customer data that most companies are not able to properly leverage, said Julie Miller, vice president of product marketing at Clarabridge, noting that Clarabridge works with brands to harness these customer interactions, to help improve service quality, create greater customer loyalty, and save money in contact center operations.

CX Contact Center integrates voice data with chat logs, agent notes, emails, social interactions and CRM data, providing organizations with a comprehensive solution to help ensures they won’t miss out on valuable opportunities to improve the customer experience.

According to Clarabridge, the CX Contact Center solution helps improve KPIs such as first contact resolution and call deflection, and detect and prevent compliance issues and churn. Contact centers also have the opportunity to leverage Clarabridge’s new Quick Sight program that gives customers access to a dashboard of insights gleaned from analyzing up to 5,000 hours of call recordings transcribed by Clarabridge. 

Features available in the new solution include hardware-accelerated speech-to-text transcription that Clarabrdge says is 10 times faster and more accurate than software-based solutions; and high quality transcriptions processed using a text analytics engine, with built-in topic models that quickly categorize conversations into topics at the phrase level and analyze sentiment across an 11-point scale.

In addition, out-of-the box connectors are able to aggregate call transcriptions, agent notes and chat logs, emails, complaint files, surveys and social media channels so that brands are obtain a complete view of the customer experience; while advanced dashboard capabilities allow users to analyze customer interactions, segment by customer attributes and drill into friction points in the customer journey.

To learn more about CX Contact Center, go to www.clarabridge.com/product/cx-contact-center.

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