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Clarabridge Introduces Customer Experience Management Solution Targeted at Health Insurance Companies

Clarabridge, a provider of customer experience management (CEM) solutions has introduced a full-service solution to help health insurance companies transform the way they manage and improve their member experience.

According to Julie Miller, VP of product marketing at Clarabridge, the health insurance industry is rapidly evolving, and insurers now need to engage and attract digitally-savvy enrollees across a variety of channels, while keeping cost of service down. As a result, the Clarabridge solution for health insurance companies, she noted, is targeted at helping insurers to understand and improve their members’ experiences across all touchpoints and convert them into actionable insights.

Connecting data from common sources of member feedback in the health insurance industry, including grievance and appeals files, call recordings, social media, CAHPS survey data, and websites, the new solution allows insurers to capture what members are saying about their company across channels and identify frequently asked questions about specific interactions such as billing and fees, so they can implement business initiatives that resolve those issues.

In addition, the solution provides new out-of-the-box healthcare category models, such as Insurance, Prescriptions and Medications, Call Center, Claims Experience and Provider models, to automatically organize member feedback and detect fraud.

The solution also provides enhanced sentiment listening across common topics to enable providers to uncover friction points and improve how they handle processes like enrollment, claims and support to improve customers’ experience.

The new release also includes interactive insight dashboards, improved call center optimization, and competitor benchmarking.

For more information on Clarabridge’s solutions for health insurance companies and other industries, visit www.clarabridge.com/customers/industries.

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