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Catalyst Analytics Delivers Business Intelligence for Legal Departments

Catalyst, which designs, hosts and services document repositories for e-discovery and regulatory compliance, has introduced Catalyst Analytics, a business intelligence dashboard within its Insight Enterprise platform. 

The dashboard enables legal teams to use real-time data to make more informed business decisions across legal and compliance matters using current and historical information and trends.  The business analytics enables budget and resource projections, identification of custodians and reviewers used in previous matters, and reduces repetition of work across current and future matters. In addition, it also enables legal teams to delve into information such as who is the most productive team member, where can costs be saved, and how to improve overall efficiency. Corporate counsel and legal operations professionals can now get reports automatically emailed to them daily, weekly or monthly in a mobile-friendly dashboard. Using templates tailored to meet specific needs, legal teams now have an instant view into critical business information across matters.

According to Jennifer Davies, product manager of Business Intelligence and Corporate Apps at Catalyst, the new central dashboard can be tailored to show only pertinent information to specific users to help them improve work output while keeping confidential information secure.

Catalyst’s business analytics dashboard delivers cross-matter visibility and reporting critical to managing cases, counsel and legal costs, including an E-Discovery Management Dashboard with tabs that provide actionable data about matters, custodians, ingestion, users and project management; and a Financial Dashboard for counsel summaries, fiscal year counsel reports, matter budgets and spending tabs for measuring the true value of litigation.

Other reports include Matter Activity for a summary of cases that are either active or in hibernation (near-line storage), the number of documents across those matters, the number of custodians, and other details about all matters; Custodian Reporting for high-level insight and granular details about all custodians related to active and inactive matters;  Ingestion Reporting that delivers high-level reports about data ingestion across all matters; User Reporting that shows the summaries, historical trends and user information about review resource’s activity pertaining to all matters; Project Management to provide granular information on individual matters and where they are in the review project life cycle; and KPIs to show key performance indicators that allow organizations to stay on top of important efforts and output.

For more information, go to catalystsecure.com

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