Capture and create value in big content

OpenText has introduced Discovery Suite, which integrates, enriches and manages big content within the enterprise to reduce risk and cost as well as improve productivity, collaboration and engagement.

The company describes big content as the massive volume of unstructured information created and stored by employees and stakeholders every day. It believes that although it contains the intellectual capital of the organization, it is largely unmanaged and spread out in disparate systems. OpenText states that big data is now considered a valuable asset, but organizations still consider big content a huge source of cost and risk. To derive value from big content, organizations need a strategy to transform this unintegrated, unstructured and unmanaged data into valuable and actionable information.

OpenText says with the Discovery Suite, organizations can:

  • eliminate information silos by embedding search and discovery directly into line-of-business applications to expose information at the right time and place to improve productivity and information reuse;
  • employ content analytics to bring structure to the overwhelming volume of unstructured data in the enterprise. It extracts semantic information from content and applies it as structured metadata; and
  • launch applications to manage specific big content problems to help solve organizational content issues including auto-classification of content, collection and early case assessment for e-discovery, remediation and migration to control the life cycle of content.

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