• October 14, 2019
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Calabrio promotes contact center freedom with new self-scheduling technology

Calabrio, the customer experience intelligence company, is releasing a Self-Scheduling feature for agents as part of the organization’s mission to disrupt and evolve the contact center market with enriched human interactions.

The new workforce management (WFM) technology combines the benefits of planning optimization, intraday automation, and agent self-scheduling to empower employees and drive contact center performance.

This latest innovation follows the June 2019 acquisition of Teleopti by Calabrio and supports the combined company’s vision to build a new global standard for customer experience intelligence by creating a flexible, digitally enabled workforce.

Available to both cloud and on-premise customers, accessible to agents on-the-go via mobile app or on their desktops, Self-Scheduling allows agents greater workplace autonomy.

They finally have the power to change their schedule, such as organizing lunch with a co-worker—all without impacting service levels in the contact center.

Sophisticated algorithms automatically check staffing levels against key performance indicators (KPI), service level agreements (SLA) and skills requirements, while special permission-based parameters allow managers to set non-overwritable activities.

Reducing the demand on resource planners and managers for intraday monitoring and request-handling gives them the freedom to focus on higher-level tasks and customer experience objectives. Managers and planners can keep control of their contact center environment at all times but with heightened flexibility and less manual monitoring.

“While the concept of self-service for shift preferences, overtime or time-off is nothing new, our latest innovation marks the first time that agents have the power to manage their own schedules as events happen during the day,” said Magnus Geverts, vice president of product marketing and management at Calabrio. “Self-Scheduling introduces new levels of flexibility that give employees the freedom to focus on delivering exceptional customer service while helping to reduce harmful attrition rates that rack up recruitment and onboarding costs for businesses. It’s the critical next step toward realizing our goal of humanizing the workplace.”

For more information about this feature, visit www.calabrio.com.

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