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CXone Expert integrates with ChatGPT to transform AI-powered customer service  

NICE, a worldwide provider of AI-powered self-service and agent-assisted CX software, announced the integration of CXone Expert with OpenAI's generative modeling used in ChatGPT, enabling CXone Expert to leverage NICE Enlighten AI models, custom-built for CX, and organization-specific data to create unique conversational AI models.

With this integration, organizations can create CX-rich, human-like conversational consumer experiences without engaging agents.

“This ground-breaking integration between CXone Expert and ChatGPT technology is a game changer for CX. By combining NICE’s deep CX-Industry specific Enlighten AI models with the innovative Conversational AI capabilities of OpenAI's generative modeling, we are evolving self-service to its inevitable next level, providing brands with powerful new capabilities to enhance customer experience, create more efficient customer interactions, and boost their brand engagement in a way that feels natural, friendly, and human,” said Barry Cooper, president, CX division, NICE.

The integration with OpenAI's generative modeling not only ensures that the resulting answers to consumer self-service inquiries are immediate and highly accurate, but that they are also semantically constructed in a human-friendly manner, optimized for consumer understanding.

Combining the strengths of CXone Expert, with its content retrieval and conversational search capabilities, and ChatGPT technology, with its approach to AI-driven natural language conversations, NICE is ushering in a new era of CX, where consumers are immediately routed to the right answers with no need for transfers or call-backs, while creating exceptional self-service experiences that feel familiarly human, according to the vendor.

CXone Expert is a leading cloud native customer service knowledge management solution, providing effortless, faster, self-service that delivers accurate answers for resolving customer issues.

For more information about this news, visit www.nice.com.

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