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CLEVR debuts the Field Services Manager solution

CLEVR, the low-code and no-code software-with-a-service provider, is launching the CLEVR Field Services Manager (FSM) solution, designed to cut costs, shrink the carbon footprint and tackle staffing challenges for companies that dispatch skilled technicians to customers’ homes.

The back-end application, portals, and mobile app software covers the full field service process from installation, maintenance, and repair, including job intake, preparation, planning, route optimization, execution, payment, and all the way to archiving.

The solution will soon contain a Remote Augmented Reality Assistance option, which empowers smart-home installation companies to provide remote support via a two-way video call and augmented reality (AR), guiding customers through a process of fixing minor issues by identifying and pointing at objects in the real-world, in real-time.  

“Field services is an area crying out for new, digitalized, efficient processes,” said Kay Lankheet, squad lead for CLEVR’s field service manager business unit. “Our off-the-shelf solution is easy to use and offers a significantly shorter go-to-market time: just a couple of weeks. CLEVR Field Service Manager enables incumbents and start-ups alike to offer highly digitalized offerings leading to significant cost reductions amounting to millions, an improved customer experience and perhaps most importantly of all, reduced carbon footprint of installation companies by up to 25%.”

CLEVR developed Remote Assistance in partnership with Econic, a leader in the e-home industry. Econic seeks to transform 1 million homes to self-powered dwellings called e-homes.

Every e-home consists of many sustainable energy solutions, including solar panels, heat pumps, meters, and batteries. The task of delivering millions of installations in a scalable, reliable, high-quality manner that provides high customer satisfaction is extremely challenging. CLEVR Field Service Manager is empowering Econic to deliver on this promise.

CLEVR plans to expand Field Service Manager's capabilities to adjacent market segments such as home security, home-appliance installation, waste management, energy and utilities, telecommunications, IT infrastructure installation and maintenance.

For more information about this platform, visit www.clvr.com.

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