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  • September 22, 2010
  • News

CAAT V. 3.8 from Content Analyst

Content Analyst, a provider of advanced analytics and conceptual search for the document management, legal and intelligence communities, has released CAAT V. 3.8, its document analytics software.

The company reports that CAAT V. 3.8 adds e-mail threading to the set of CAAT features aimed at e-mail discovery and analysis. Previous releases include automated repeated content identification and filters, e-mail header filters, "deNISTing" and similar document detection (also called conceptual near-dup). For threading, CAAT identifies the relationships among a family of e-mails based on their content and associated metadata. CAAT e-mail threading also identifies duplicate sets, inclusive sets, extracts and normalizes metadata, identifies missing e-mail and determines order within a conversation.

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