Bringing order to data chaos

Access Innovations has christened Data Harmony 3.7. The latest version of the company's popular data management software suite contains taxonomy management, automatic categorization and metadata management tools, and incorporates user-suggested upgrades that enhance the software's functionality and features. The user documentation is also fully revised and updated.

All modules of the new version of Data Harmony—Thesaurus Master, M.A.I. (Machine Aided Indexer) and XIS (XML Intranet System)—are 100 percent Unicode UTF-8, thereby supporting all languages, all character sets and integrated multilingual applications. They also support scientific nomenclature without special coding.

Unicode allows the user to choose the language desired for the interface to appear for interaction. The commands can be mapped to the language and character set of the user's choice. A new filter in the Import Module identifies and converts characters whose encoding doesn't conform to the UTF-8 standard, and the exports maintain the UTF-8 encoding to ensure appropriate display and successful use in receiving applications.

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