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Bridgeline Digital acquires natural language site search and analytics products

Bridgeline Digital, a provider of cloud-based web content management, e-commerce, and marketing automation software, is acquiring assets held by SeeVolution, including products such as Celebros Search and SeeVolution Analytics software (Celebros).

Bridgeline is expanding its product suite to better serve e-commerce customers and help drive their online revenues by incorporating differentiating AI capabilities with natural language search and dynamic merchandising.

Cross-selling the complementary products will provide both the Bridgeline and Celebros customer bases enhanced value to their current digital experiences.

The Celebros e-commerce site search utilizes AI with machine learning, incorporating Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to power its intelligent search.

This displays the most relevant and conversion-oriented search results to the end users. The site search includes advanced auto-complete, a recommendation engine, intelligent navigation capabilities, search engine optimization features, and multifaceted merchandising tools to help boost eCommerce conversions - all while delivering a seamless user experience.

The Celebros product also provides for voice-enabled search capabilities, in addition to an NLP extension that sits on top of the popular ElasticSearch software (which the Bridgeline Unbound platform already natively integrates with). The acquisition also includes feature-rich heat-mapping analytics for understanding end user behavioral patterns.

For more information about this news, visit www.bridgeline.com.

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