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Breakthroughs in Knowledge Management and Recommendations for Getting Data Under Control

Digital workplaces are continuing to evolve but there is a renewed interest in knowledge management.

Discovering the value in corporate knowledge, both tacit (informal, hidden) and explicit (written down, codified), is amplified by new technologies, such as text analytics, cognitive search, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile email management, and new policy efforts.

KMWorld recently held a webinar featuring Riyaz Lakhani, director of professional services and support at Colligo, and Joe Lichtman, vice president of technology, Attivio, who discussed a variety of breakthroughs in knowledge management.

According to The State of Knowledge Management 2016-17 KMWorld Survey, 53% of execs see Knowledge Management as playing a prominent role in innovation across their enterprises.

The key drivers for digital transformation are the cloud, a distributed mobile workforce, 24/7 data demands, consumerization of IT, increased regulatory pressures, and increased threats to data, Lakhani explained. Colligo can help uncover insights and organize data, according to Lakhani.

The first breakthrough in knowledge management that can help enterprises make sense of their data is the integration of email and SharePoint.

This method allows people to access SharePoint in Outlook, file emails to SharePoint, share links directly and not attachments, capture email metadata, tag using custom metadata, and search across platforms.

The second breakthrough allows enterprises to file and access content on mobile devices. Users can file email and content anywhere, tag with metadata, access SharePoint offline, find and share content, and centrally push policies.

The third breakthrough tracks metrics for success. Enterprises can identify process relevant metrics (save, read, access), track at the team, employee, device & document level, monitor trends over time, and discover compliance issues.

Challenges of traditional knowledge management include inefficiencies, Integration, and consumeriztion of IT, Lichtman explained.

With Attivio’s Cognitive Search for knowledge management enterprises can deliver the most relevant answers, at the right time, to the right person; and harness context and behavior to proactively alert knowledge workers with critical new information and recommendations.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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