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Breakthrough Technologies in Knowledge Management

A renewed enthusiasm about knowledge management is evident, particularly in the digital workplace.

Discovering the value in corporate knowledge is amplified by new technologies, such as text analytics, cognitive search, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile email management, and new policy efforts. 

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Kelly Koelliker, director, solutions marketing, Verint, Stephen Pappas, SVP, Panviva, Inc., and E. Scott Menter, VP business solutions, BP Logix, Inc., who discussed game changing breakthroughs to bring knowledge management to the next level.

There are two challenges that have hampered knowledge management efforts, Koelliker explained:

  • How do I find what I need in my knowledge base?
  • How do I know what is missing from my knowledge base?

She suggests simplifying the process through context with real-time speech analytics. The tool can listen to a customer service conversation and provide contextual knowledge results in real time with no searching.

Intelligent virtual assistants can be designed, deployed, and enhanced for the enterprise to automate conversations and find the right answer faster.

Pappas agreed and pointed out four KM game changers that include:

  • Chatbots
  • Voice, video, and personal assistants
  • Ubiquitous technology that requires KM methodologies that exceed customer expectations
  • Knowledge is becoming an essential embedded function in all processes for Omnichannel success

According to Menter, success in the digital age requires:

  • No-code development
    •  Move logic closer to the business
    •  Reduce reliance on hard-to-find resources
    •  Mitigate concentration of knowledge risk
  • Rapid time-to-value
  • Respond faster in fickle markets
  • Drive adoption, employee engagement
  • Hone your competitive edge

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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