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Box Partners with Sinequa

Sinequa, a provider of cognitive search and analytics software, is partnering with Box, which provides an enterprise content platform.

Combining human-driven interactions with machine-assisted analysis, the companies say, Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform delivers right-time, relevant and contextual insights so they can make better decisions, drive innovation, and achieve greater operational efficiencies. 

Sinequa has developed a dedicated smart data connector for Box content that allows users to search and extract valuable insights from documents hosted in Box along with other enterprise applications, big data, and cloud environments within their organization.

As companies adopt Box, providing intuitive information access and advanced search capabilities securely is becoming increasingly important to their end users. Using advanced natural language processing and machine-learning algorithms, Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform enables users to search, analyze, and gain insights with data extracted from Box content repositories as well as other silos of structured and unstructured data within their enterprise.

Since Box and Sinequa have large customers in common, it made sense to develop a dedicated connector to Box, which offers a leading enterprise content management platform, said Xavier Pornain, senior VP, North America, at Sinequa. Sinequa’s core capabilities have always been to extract insight from human-generated data, and now that this content is moving to the cloud on platforms such as Box, Sinequa recognized the need to extend its capacity to connect and ingest data from Box in real time, he noted.

For more information, go to www.box.com and www.sinequa.com.

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