• July 29, 2020
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BillingPlatform and Navint collaborate to accelerate lead-to-revenue transformation

BillingPlatform, a global cloud-based monetization and billing solution provider, is forming a partnership with Navint, an advisory and technology firm, to address diverse business models and complex billing requirements as enterprises move to digitally transform their businesses.

Navint's experience across the entire lead-to-revenue lifecycle together with BillingPlatform's certified Salesforce, NetSuite, and Microsoft Dynamics connectors will enable interoperability of the lead-to-revenue process and drive value for enterprises seeking to extend their CRM and ERP deployments with advanced billing and revenue management capabilities.

"As we engage with more enterprises, it's clear that they are looking to drive strategic value by transforming their lead-to-revenue tools and business practices to both respond to customer demand for more flexible engagement options, and to optimize their ability to sell, serve and deliver across the entire organization," said Jim Martindale, CEO at Navint. "From its seamless integration with key CRM and ERP software to its configurable platform, BillingPlatform stands out for the flexibility it brings to customers with complex billing and monetization challenges."

With specialists in recurring revenue and a team of certified solution architects, Navint combines advisory, technology and implementation services to help Fortune 1000 enterprises unify tools, processes and people across the front and back office for growth and operational excellence.

BillingPlatform provides a billing solution that enables enterprises to move beyond simple subscription or fixed-fee billing with the ability to monetize products with sophisticated usage and rating capabilities – including any combination of one-time charges, promotional offers, subscription, consumption or hybrid-based billing – all on a single, next-generation cloud platform.

"In these unprecedented times, businesses are looking to creatively transform and grow their business by creating frictionless customer experiences and engagement with their products and services," said Dennis Wall, CEO at BillingPlatform. "The flexibility and configurability of our platform make it easy as we work with Navint to integrate into customers' lead-to-revenue systems to address any billing and monetization need."

For more information about this collaboration, visit https://billingplatform.com/ or https://navint.com/.

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