• July 31, 2006
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Beyond RSS, way beyond

KnowNow has released three new solutions designed to instantly connect people with critical information: Market Intelligence, Corporate Communications and Alternative Marketing Channel. Based on KnowNow's Enterprise Syndication Solutions (ESS) platform, the new offerings are said to eliminate the latency that prevents most organizations from taking action when opportunities first arise. Immediately available, the solutions are offered both as on-premise software and as hosted services.

Unlike RSS-readers that were popularized by consumer-based news searches, KnowNow's solutions have several enterprise-class characteristics that large organizations require. The company's highlights the following features:

  • support for RSS/Atom/XML feeds,<>
  • support for syndication of non-RSS content sources, <>
  • support for multiple thousands of users within and outside the enterprise, <>
  • support for millions of customers when used as an alternative marketing channel, <>
  • a cross-platform solution that simplifies integration into existing architectures comprised of technologies from multiple vendors, <>
  • enterprise-class security that controls views into different kinds of data/information depending on the user's rights, <>
  • partner capabilities that extend communications within and outside of corporate firewalls easily, and<>
  • automated content filtering that reduces informational clutter and connects people with the information that is most relevant to them.

KnowNow's three new Enterprise 2.0 solutions include:

Market Intelligence--a solution designed to automatically discover newly published Web content about a company's brand or competitors and to notify appropriate parties of material information immediately.

Corporate Communications--a solution designed for large organizations with distributed workforces where e-mail and intranets add to the informational clutter instead of manage it.

. Alternative Marketing Channel--a solution designed to provide enterprises with a branded presence on the desktop or device of their customers, as well as an alternative to e-mail communications.

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