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  • August 23, 2010
  • News

BP Logix rolls out Process Director 2.0

BP Logix has announced the availability of Process Director 2.0. Designed to improve operational effectiveness by providing process intelligence, claims the company, Process Director enables organizations to embrace the predictive element in business processes, leading to greater efficiency and better decision-making.

Process Director is said to enable business users to review historical and current data, understand activities in their present state and instantly deploy alternative tactics to overcome a pending problem.

Fusing traditional workflow automation, which uses a simple drag-and-drop flowchart builder, with the Process Timeline system, which features an intuitive Gantt–like activity layout, Process Director enables process builders to easily specify activity dependencies and conditions, planned duration and order.

For running procedures, Process Timeline gives process owners complete control including the ability to:

  • predict the completion time of any current or future activity,
  • cancel an activity or process,
  • pre-assign an activity to another user, and
  • restart an activity.

Process Director also incorporates a graphical rules engine, which defines the policies and rules that govern how processes should perform. The business rules exist independent of the processes, enabling users to delegate the management of those rules in accordance with the principle of least privilege. BP Logix says with Process Director 2.0:

  • business users can modify rules easily without the need for IT involvement;
  • rule definitions are reusable;
  • business rules are seamlessly integrated into eForms, process automation and reporting functions;
  • changes to business rules take effect immediately on running processes;
  • a rules-based evaluation of activities and workflow tasks is provided; and
  • users can define exceptions to key performance indicators (KPIs).

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