BI/enterprise search

Composite Software has introduced the Discovery Appliance, which allows non-technical users to leverage key elements of BI and enterprise search to locate and work with source data and intermediate stores, such as warehouses and data marts, the company reports. Further, says Composite, the new product provides visibility into the data without the time-intensive set-up traditionally involved.

Composite Discovery’s features include:

  • search functionality for finding structured data;
  • data discovery that reveals relationships among the information contained in disparate sources and delivers this context with the data, so users can identify what’s relevant;
  • drag-and-drop tools to view and work with data in a familiar tabular format;
  • query optimization and integration with Microsoft Excel;
  • "recipes" for repeatable searches, as well as Enterprise 2.0 information support for greater collaboration and higher productivity; and
  • a range of security options including integration with LDAP and Active Directory to ensure compliance with IT data security and governance mandates.

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