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AvePoint rebrands AvePoint Entrust as AvePoint EnPower to reflect the company’s evolution of the digital workspace

AvePoint, an advanced platform that optimizes SaaS operations and secure collaboration, is evolving its Control Suite with AvePoint EnPower, formerly known as AvePoint Entrust, offering capabilities for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

According to the company, as SaaS management needs grow and become more nuanced, AvePoint EnPower offers organizations the ability to uncover granular insights and then power automated actions within the digital workplace.

Within the Control Suite, AvePoint EnPower provides these updated capabilities:

  • Rich management interfaces: Especially as organizations manage multiple SaaS applications, they need one consolidated view of usage, adoption, and access. Now with AvePoint EnPower, IT administrators can bring all Microsoft 365 tenants and Power Platform environments through a single pane of glass, and break down admin access by service, scope, and function.
  • Insights and reports with granular action: Instead of just providing information, AvePoint EnPower speeds time-to-value with the ability to take individual or bulk action regarding a policy, missing content, or ownership issue, directly from a report.
  • Automated admin workflow: To make work more efficient, AvePoint EnPower now enables automated actions based on pre-defined conditions and rules for the entire Power Platform environment including Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI.

“Rebranding AvePoint Entrust to AvePoint EnPower reflects the evolution of our product, which now includes more capabilities to help organizations more proactively analyze, govern, and optimize their SaaS management and operations,” said John Peluso, chief product officer, AvePoint. “Our goal is to both give organizations granular visibility into what needs attention in their digital workspaces and then enable them to take immediate and automated action on those insights, creating a more informed, better experience for end-users.”

As part of the Control Suite, AvePoint EnPower complements Cloud Governance to bring more value and a comprehensive SaaS management solution to global organizations, according to the company.

Now, AvePoint EnPower users can trigger actions within Cloud Governance like renewing a Team within Microsoft 365 and assigning permissions to new users.

Unlike point solution competitors, AvePoint enables organizations to manage their workspaces in a more seamless and efficient way from its integrated platform, according to the vendor.

For more information about this news, visit www.avepoint.com.

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