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AvePoint Strengthens SharePoint Governance

AvePoint has released DocAve Governance Automation Service Pack (SP) 7. Allowing organizations to manage SharePoint lifecycle and permissions management requests, the governance solution provides end users with a role-based service catalog for provisioning, restructuring, or migrating content across cloud-hosted, hybrid, or on-premises SharePoint deployments.

“In designing software that enforces governance in collaborative systems, there is a natural focus on restrictive controls where appropriate,” said John Peluso, senior vice president of product strategy at AvePoint.  “The delicate balance, however, is the realization that you must also make it easier and faster for users to do the right things.”

With the new release, DocAve Governance Automation can now enforce policies requiring that site owners recertify the ownership, current permissions, and relevance of their of SharePoint sites, and the recertification process has been enhanced to allow for site lifecycle actions like locking, archiving, and deleting if the recertification is not completed in the required timeframe.

And, to provide better insight for end users and data owners, the solution improves upon the SharePoint “My Sites” report by allowing site owners to not only view a list of their sites, but also initiate service requests directly from the report. IT administrators can now also access a high-level report that shows trends and metrics on how SharePoint and DocAve Governance Automation are being used, and, to eliminate the confusion and sprawl inherent with duplicate sites and content, users can search for existing sites or site collections that may serve the same purpose as the one they wish to create.

In every release of DocAve Governance Automation, Peluso said, AvePoint seeks to strike a balance between an organization’s need for effective governance and control, and the user's need for speed and ease of use. “In this release, the automatic locking of sites that fail to complete recertification is a key control many organizations have been asking us about. At the same time, making it easier for users to find – rather than duplicate – content when requesting a new site is a perfect example of how a focus on enabling users should also be and area of focus for any sustainable governance initiative.”

For more information on the platform and product features, visit the AvePoint website.

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