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  • February 25, 2009
  • News

Autonomy DAM for MOSS

Autonomy has debuted ControlPoint for Multimedia, which has been specifically designed to enable global customers using Microsoft SharePoint Server (MOSS) to exploit the full value of their rich media assets.

Autonomy explains ControlPoint for Multimedia uses an advanced conceptual approach to analyze and retrieve the rich media content within MOSS, without relying solely on the manual tagging of metadata. Users are presented with the most relevant content—both textual and non-textual—that is conceptually related to the selected rich media file in an intuitive interface.

The company emphasizes that for knowledge enrichment, the ability to de-duplicate, cluster and retrieve rich media content in an automated fashion increases employee productivity while reducing cost, as well as helping businesses comply with the exacting demands of new e-discovery regulations.

Autonomy reports ControlPoint for Multimedia seamlessly integrates with MOSS to deliver:

  • encoding and indexing of rich media content, automatically creating insightful metadata and the ability to manage, repurpose and archive digital assets;
  • audio, video, e-mail and chat to be indexed, searched and cross-referenced alongside other data formats;
  • automatic clustering functionality for identifying duplicate and near-duplicate rich media files;
  • accuracy by understanding words in context and retrieval of information according to its meaning, thereby distinguishing homophones;
  • use of both phonetic and conceptual approaches to offer unique high-level functions, including automatic categorization;
  • analytical tools for scene analysis, speaker and audio segmentation, speaker recognition and classification, and audio/text synchronization;
  • workflow for managing rich media content; and
  • support of a wide range of languages, including those that require multibyte encoding capabilities, such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Russian, as well as single-byte European languages such as English, French and Spanish.

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