• August 30, 2019
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Aprimo beefs up digital asset management and productivity management solutions with AI upgrades

Aprimo, a provider of technology solutions for content, operations, and performance, is unveiling the Aprimo AI framework along with new artificial intelligence enhancements to Aprimo Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Productivity Management (intelligent workflow reviews and approval) solutions.

Aprimo AI’s capabilities address the complexity of delivering content for a personalized and differentiated customer experience at scale—from ideation to creation of content to management and enrichment of content—by leveraging base artificial intelligence services and Aprimo’s own custom machine learning solutions.

With Aprimo AI, marketers will be able to evolve their capabilities to manage and execute the content lifecycle easier, faster, and at scale.

Aprimo AI is focused on delivering solutions within the content lifecycle in three distinct ways:

  • Responsive Resource Optimization: Ensure teams always follow the best process, involve the right people at the right time, and leverage AI-powered suggestions for work assignments based on real-time data – even if scope changes after work has started.
  • Enriched Content to Maximize ROI of Existing Content: Reduce new work requests by using Aprimo AI to automatically tag and create descriptions on content to improve outcomes of user searches.
  • Unlock Content Value: Original images are often not appropriate for all channels and require repurposing. Now, business users can self-service what they need while also protecting the visual integrity of a brand or product.

In addition, new enhancements allow Aprimo AI to learn about a business over time, specifically in the following ways:

  • Aprimo Learned AI Image Tagging: Train Aprimo AI to learn your company-specific terms, brand, or product visual characteristics and create custom tags so users may search in the company terminology they know.
  • Aprimo Learned AI Custom Image Cropping: Train Aprimo AI to understand your unique brand and product visual characteristics so they remain the focus of any cropped image suggestion.

For more information about these updates, visit www.aprimo.com.

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