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Apptio deepens integration with ServiceNow to accelerate IT decision making

Apptio, a provider of technology business management solutions, has announced its first certified solution available in the ServiceNow Store. The integration with ServiceNow provides users with a near-real-time view into their organization's actual technology cost structure.

By combining operational data from ServiceNow with IT cost modeling software from Apptio, technology leaders are able to make smarter investment decisions more quickly.

According to Apptio, in today's fast-moving marketplace, business leaders need to make smart bets and maximize investments. However, many are discovering a striking gap between the importance of data in making budget decisions and their confidence in the data they have.

Making quick decisions based on this data requires navigating the most complicated challenges in IT financial management: understanding the complete topology and costs of IT investments and measuring the return on those investments. Apptio has solved this problem by leveraging ServiceNow's ability to auto-discover changes in IT assets and their interconnected relationships. This information allows Apptio to create detailed, accurate cost models which automatically update at the speed of business changes. This is the level of speed, confidence, and fidelity Apptio and ServiceNow's joint customers have been asking for.

Apptio's ServiceNow connectors include seven connectors bringing information into Apptio and a new connector publishing data back to ServiceNow dashboards and are available as a certified solution in the ServiceNow Store. The ingress connectors map ServiceNow data sets directly into ApptioOne, which allows costs to be modeled based on consumptive data. The egress connector then pushes this defensible application TCO data from Apptio back into native ServiceNow dashboards, providing visibility to stakeholders across the business. This new level of bi-directional integration enables users to not only see their operational data and metrics for top applications, but also the fully burdened cost structure with continuous updates.

To learn more, visit www.apptio.com/blog/smarter-it-decisions-apptio-plus-servicenow.


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