• November 17, 2008
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And, presto--social KM

Inmagic has released Presto 3.0, a new, socialized version of its popular knowledge repository, says the company. Inmagic reports V. 3.0 integrates social media with enterprise knowledge, search, and access and discovery capabilities, thereby giving users a 360-degree view of their information assets.

Presto enables the management of internal and external data and unifies structured and unstructured content--including documents, images, audio, video, Web sites, blogs, RSS feeds and more. In addition to the new social capabilities, Presto 3.0 provides dozens of new usability enhancements, features and benefits, as detailed in its fact sheet.

Inmagic explains Presto 3.0 is designed to deliver five key benefits to information-rich organizations:

  • a "single source of truth" that eliminates information silos by centralizing relevant information and social content into a single knowledge repository accessible throughout the knowledge network;
  • improved organizational productivity by ensuring users can rapidly access vetted, relevant information and enhance that information through the wisdom of the community;
  • "social intelligence" design fosters collaboration and quality control through context-based social tools, including comments, ratings, tagging and tag clouds, and blogging;
  • "social security" through a "social volume knob" that provides fine-tuned monitoring and management control over social capabilities; and
  • lower total cost of ownership with fast ROI compared to other approaches--Social Knowledge Networks operate on a single platform that speeds implementations, simplifies management, requires fewer IT resources, reduces training requirements and accelerates time-to-impact.

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