Algolia Releases Tool for Customizing Searches

Algolia, a search and discovery API for websites and mobile apps, is launching Personalization — its latest solution to enable businesses to build and automate customized search experiences.

Algolia’s new Personalization features aim to address the complexities of search relevancy and eliminate the one-size-fits-all approach with a tool to easily build, customize, and automate the search experience.

Through the Algolia dashboard, businesses can easily fine-tune relevancy and personalization formulas to meet their specific use case — improving the customer experience and increasing engagement and conversions in an instant.

With Algolia’s new Personalization solution, businesses can:

  • Utilize behavior to influence search: Identify a wide range of individual online behaviors and preferences, and optimize the search ranking strategy accordingly to show more relevant results.
  • Increase relevance with custom rankings: Dynamically display content and products a user is more likely to be interested in — helping to increase engagement while minimizing bounce rates or empty shopping carts.
  • Control and automate formulas: Control how rankings will be impacted, using a mathematical approach based on key criteria such as views, clicks and conversions to determine the content most relevant for a given user.
  • Easily refine strategy: Adjust and refine personalization strategy to capitalize on changing consumer preferences or new insights with a ranking strategy that is quick and easy to set up.

For more information about this news, visit www.algolia.com.

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