Algolia Introduces Solutions to Improve Search Results and Measure Performance

Algolia, a provider of search and discovery API for websites and mobile apps, is introducing new A/B Testing solutions to help product teams improve relevance, measure performance, and ultimately optimize the user experience.

The A/B Testing features rolled out provide product teams with a platform to test, experiment, and improve the performance of the search experience.

Without A/B Testing, product teams are left to optimize search relevance based on educated guesses or even worse, a gut feeling, said Maxime Prades, VP of product at Algolia.

The company’s goal is to arm its customers with the data and tools they need to constantly measure impact from the search experience and unlock business value, while at the same time making developers’ lives easier with a low-code development model.

With Algolia’s new A/B Testing solutions, businesses can:

  • Improve relevance, accelerate engagement and increase conversion: Discover which strategies lead to the most rewarding user experiences, validate business decisions and continuously optimize search and discovery experience to increase engagement and conversion.
  • Launch new experiments with no code changes: Any authorized user can test new strategies and improve experiences on any device, directly from Algolia’s dashboard without touching any code.
  • Stay in control, with confidence: Take control of test lengths and traffic split to design for statistically significant results that can be trusted.

For more information about these tools, visit www.algolia.com.

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