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Algolia Acquires SeaUrchin.IO

Algolia, provider of a search and discovery solution for websites and mobile apps, has acquired the technology behind SeaUrchin.IO, a platform built to deliver real-time search insights for enterprises. According to Algolia, the acquisition complements its new search analytics and click analytics solutions, which give customers a view into the search lifecycle from query to click through to conversion.

Algolia's new analytics and click analytics APIs help product teams see what users are searching for and how they are searching, as well as what they are clicking on and the conversion and engagement performance for each query. Businesses can then use this information to improve search relevance and user experience, leading to increased user satisfaction, search result click through rates, and higher conversion rates.

Algolia says the heightened consumer expectations for an intuitive and personalized digital experience are putting the pressure on businesses to implement a more data-driven approach to user experience. The acquisition of SeaUrchin.IO is expected to accelerate the development of Algolia's core analytics capabilities and improve the ability to surface granular search insights for customers. Using Algolia, product teams will be able to gather and process user-generated data, understand the intent behind a query, and optimize their search experiences to boost user engagement and conversions.

Algolia’s customers are sitting on a wealth of data, and every search query, every click contains valuable insights about what their users are looking for, said Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO and co-founder of Algolia. Algolia’s mission, he said, is to give developers the building blocks to create intuitive and rewarding user experiences. The addition of SeaUrchin.IO to the Algolia toolkit will help Algolia to provide the data and insights to make a meaningful impact on the business.

For more information, visit www.algolia.com/products/analytics

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