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Alation extends the data catalog to include analytics stewardship for the enterprise

Alation has announced the general availability of its Analytics Stewardship application in the Alation Data Catalog. The offering is complemented by a professional services accelerator to help provide an easier and faster way for enterprises to drive more value from self-service analytics while ensuring accurate, compliant data use.

According to Alation, today, many organizations struggle to balance the critical inter-dependency between top-down governance and bottom-up analytics stewardship and are narrowly focused on solving one or the other. Alation’s Analytics Stewardship offerings are intended to bridge the gap between top-down policy-setting by governance teams and policy interpretation and enforcement by analysts and self-service data users, creating a more collaborative and holistic approach to governance.

Alation’s new Analytics Stewardship application and accelerator include the following components:

  • New Alation Policy Center: Providing a single point of reference for enterprise policies for the use of data and analytics.
  • Alation Catalog Sets: Automating the application of policies consistently across all connected data assets in an organization.
  • New Alation Stewardship Dashboards: Providing crucial feedback to stewards on the impact of their efforts with the ability to assign stewards to specific data assets and let them track their progress. Embedded gamification features tap into the psychological motivation to encourage documentation and curation.
  • New Auto-Discovered Glossary: Extending the Alation Data Catalog’s existing business glossary with machine learning technology that automatically suggests new business glossary terms based on patterns of organizational usage and prioritizes them based on popularity, saving stewards time and effort.
  • Analytics Stewardship Accelerator: Guiding organizations from program inception to best practices and providing playbooks and templates to help start a balanced approach to stewardship, including key decisions about what to steward and what to measure.

"Enterprises must ensure that data is used properly and that analytics is accurate and used in adherence with policies and protect consumer privacy, particularly in light of regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Striking the balance between data governance and creating greater value from data is a huge challenge for data leaders. The upside and opportunity from data is massive, but so too are the consequences of noncompliance and inaccurate information,” said Satyen Sangani, CEO and co-founder of Alation. “Alation’s unique Analytics Stewardship application was designed to achieve a single source of reference for all of an organization’s data and analytics governance policies and leverages machine learning within the data catalog to automate stewardship and governance efforts.”

To learn more about Alation’s Analytics Stewardship application and accelerator, visit www.alation.com/analytics-stewardship.

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