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  • February 28, 2020
  • News

Akumina partners with BlueModus to improve content management

Akumina, provider of an employee experience platform, is partnering with BlueModus, a full-service technology agency, to provide customers with a platform-agnostic and content-centric approach to content management.

“Bringing internal applications in line with employee expectations is important, but it’s even more critical for businesses to align internal content with digital workplace technologies,” said Dave Maffei, President, Akumina. “Democratizing access to content in a way that is efficient, personalized, and engaging allows businesses to create an employee-centric work culture that improves business processes and removes low-value tasks.”

BlueModus customers that want to align content management strategy with internal business processes can use the Akumina EXP to build a customizable front end experience that connects to the back-end of an organization’s CMS.

Akumina empowers enterprises to manage content storage agnostically, without having to duplicate content, while also providing configurable tools for a modern intranet design.

BlueModus leverages Akumina’s decoupled architecture to connect content, business logic, and rules that don’t require developer expertise to implement, manage or run.

This helps organizations focus their IT teams on more important work and removes hurdles from internal content creators and subject matter experts.

“Content is the heart of every business and the ability to remove outdated information or avoid redundancy is a chief concern for our customers,” said David Conder, founder and CTO, BlueModus. “Cumbersome back-end management processes inhibit dynamic user experiences. With Akumina, we’re able to give our customers a customized content-agnostic digital workspace that eliminates tedious management requirements.”

For more information about this partnership, visit www.akumina.com or www.bluemodus.com.

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