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Adobe Target Expands Actionable AI Insights

Adobe Target has introduced new reports, now in beta release, that will be available to all Target customers this spring.

Announced in a blog post by Drew Burns, senior product marketing manager for Adobe Target, the new reports will help users get more out of the AI and machine learning capabilities in Adobe Target, powered by Adobe Sensei. According to Burns, the reports offer benefits beyond conversion rate increases, so that users can start using the AI-driven personalization from Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target even more.

The new reports allow users to tap into the thought process of the machine-learning algorithms beneath Auto-Target and Automated Personalization, two of the AI and machine learning capabilities available in Adobe Target in order to have more visibility into why the algorithm made the decisions it did and understand things like which audiences or combinations of profile attributes drove the algorithm to deliver a given experience.

New tabs to the Insights reports of the Auto-Target and Automated Personalization activities, said Burns, provide access to three new tabular reports that become available once the algorithm has finished pre-processing the training data and is actively delivering personalized content. As the algorithm self-optimizes over time, these reports update to reflect changes due to seasonality, trends, and other factors.

The new Insights reports include:

“Audience Insights,” a report that lists the top 10 audiences of a certain size threshold based on the defined conversion goals. It answers the critical question, “Which audiences converted at a higher rate in the algorithm?” and surfaces complex audiences the model identified by evaluating countless combinations of profile attributes.

The “Offers Insights” report also shows the two highest performing and lowest performing offers by audience for audiences of a certain size threshold, and answers the key question, “Which offers performed best (or worst) by audience?”

And finally, the new “Influencers Insights” report rates all influencers of the model by their contribution to the model, and answers the question, “What individual profile attributes does my machine learning algorithm view as most influential in its decision to deliver a specific experience?”

With these new reports, Burns said, Adobe Target is providing valuable insights, and in the future will add more features that let users “pull more levers of the algorithm, but with safeguards in place so that you don’t pull those levers so far that you lose all the goodness the algorithm has to offer.”

For more information about Adobe Target, go to www.adobe.com/marketing-cloud/target.html.

To read Drew Burns’ blog post, go to https://blogs.adobe.com/digitalmarketing/personalization/adobe-target-introduces-actionable-ai-insights.

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