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Acquia’s Digital Asset Management Platform can now integrate with ChatGPT, driving business outcomes in marketing

Acquia, the digital experience leader, is introducing new integrations between Acquia DAM and generative AI solutions ChatGPT and Clarifai to enable creatives and marketers using the Acquia digital asset management (DAM) platform to accelerate time to market by creating on-brand, search engine optimized product descriptions and image alt text.

Acquia DAM may be used as a standalone solution or with content management systems such as Drupal or other products in the Acquia Digital Experience Platform (Acquia DXP).

“Using generative AI, marketers and creatives can improve the searchability, usability, and accessibility of their product content and asset metadata,” said Jake Athey, vice president, go-to-market, DAM at Acquia. “These new integrations… enable organizations to create compelling content that improves search results and drives conversions—in less time.”

With the native integration between Acquia DAM and ChatGPT, product marketers can quickly create compelling product listings on their own websites and popular commerce sites such as Walmart, commerce platforms like Shopify, and more.

According to the company, this solution enables teams to create on-brand content for their entire product line much faster, based on product attributes in Acquia DAM, reducing time to market and ensuring accuracy across digital channels. Teams can use target keywords as inputs for the AI-generated description to optimize searches.

Digital content managers using Acquia DAM may now leverage the native integration with Clarifai for keywords and ChatGPT to create alt text descriptions placed in a metadata field for images.

According to the company, alt text is important to use because it enables images to be both search engine friendly and accessible to people with visual impairments.

As an organization’s image library grows, the integration monitors all new or newly versioned image assets, ensuring no assets fall through the cracks. This advancement further supports Acquia’s commitment to accessibility and enabling digital experience creation for all, according to the company.

For more information about this news, visit https://acquia.com.

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