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  • June 13, 2013
  • News

AccessData launches Summation 5.0

AccessData has released Summation 5.0, which features an interoperable Forensic Toolkit (FTK) license, Technology Assisted Review (TAR) and free training.

The new version of Summation shares a database backend with AccessData’s forensic review tool, FTK, allowing users to forensically process and analyze data and then view the processed data directly using the Summation 5.0 interface. Complimentary training courses for both FTK and Summation are also included.

In addition to the free FTK license and training, Summation 5.0 offers predictive coding, visual analytics and the ability to review data sets quickly and cost-efficiently. Other updates to Summation 5.0 include new export enhancements, improved e-mail threading views, real-time transcript support, direct import of Corcordance and Relativity load files, a Concordance database migration tool and AccessData’s own purpose-built document viewer.

Summation 5.0 is offered as a subscription without per-use or per-gigabyte fees.

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