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Accenture Launches Intelligent Automation Platform for Better Decision Making

Accenture is rolling out Accenture myWizard, a platform that combines Accenture’s industry and technology assets and business knowledge across 40 industries with intelligent automation, including artificial intelligence. The plug-and-play architecture is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

myWizard has been introduced, the company says, to help clients better analyze data and identify patterns, and to help guide human workers to make more informed decisions in order to improve business performance in areas such as application quality, cost reduction and speed to market.

myWizard brings together Accenture tools and methods, as well as tools from across Accenture’s partners, and is able to mine Accenture’s knowledge base of vertical industry operating models, process flows, and key performance indicators. The myWizard platform includes an intelligent data scientist, a virtual testing savant, and virtual scrum master.

So far, Accenture says, myWizard has been deployed to more than 100 clients globally, and there are plans to deploy the platform to more than 200 clients by the end of August 2016.

For more information, go to www.accenture.com.

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