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AWS introduces Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the availability of Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics, a new feature that builds on Amazon Transcribe, allowing the extraction of valuable insights from customer conversations with a single API call. This holistic view of customer conversations can be applied to customer service calls, sales video calls, or web-based audio interactions running on any contact center provider.

Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics is a new addition to Transcribe and a key enhancement to AWS Contact Center Intelligence

According to AWS, each discussion with potential or existing customers is an opportunity to learn about their needs and expectations. For example, it’s important for customer service teams to figure out the main reasons why customers are calling them, and measure customer satisfaction during these calls. Similarly, salespeople try to gauge customer interest, and their reaction to a particular sales pitch.

AWS says many customers and partners have expressed the need to add call analytics capabilities in different applications, regardless of their contact center provider. They often need to analyze more than phone calls, such as web-based audio and video calls, but typically have had to do this by stitching AI services and dedicated ML models together. Addressing these challenges, AWS says, Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics provides a simpler solution.

According to AWS, key capabilities of the Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics key features include:

  • Timestamped turn-by-turn call transcription in 21 languages
  • Issue detection, which picks up the shortest set of contiguous words in a conversation turn that represents the reason why the customer is calling. This works out of the box without any configuration or training
  • Call categorization based on conversational characteristics:
    • Matching specific words and phrases
    • Detecting non-talk time
    • Detecting interruptions
    • Analyzing sentiment for the customer and the agent
  • Call characteristics such as:
    • How quickly and loudly a customer or agent are speaking
    • Detecting speaker talk time
    • Detecting interruptions
  • Redaction of sensitive data from the text transcript and the corresponding audio file

Amazon Transcribe Call Analytics is now available in the following regions:

  • US West (Oregon), US East (N. Virginia),
  • Canada (Central),
  • Europe (London), Europe (Frankfurt),
  • Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Asia Pacific (Sydney).

For more information, go to https://aws.amazon.com/transcribe/call-analytics.

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