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  • February 15, 2022
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AWIS Weather Services partners with Narrative to offer weather datasets

Narrative, provider of a data commerce platform, is partnering with AWIS Weather Services to launch the AWIS Weather Services Data Shop, allowing businesses to easily find and purchase weather and climate-related datasets via a familiar e-commerce workflow.

The datasets enable companies to analyze historical weather and climate-related data for investment forecasting, energy load planning, supply chain management, business intelligence applications, freight distribution needs, and all other aspects of business affected by the weather.

"We are excited to help AWIS monetize this valuable data that makes a tremendous difference for companies trying to navigate the often difficult supply chain," said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative. "The insight allows businesses to better predict everything from how much of a product should be shipped to a destination to what gear the delivery trucks should have."

The AWIS Weather Services Data Shop is powered by Narrative Data Shops, which enables businesses to quickly launch an ecommerce data business without spending significant time and resources. Known as the "Shopify for data," the suite of apps makes it easy to package, sell, and deliver data via a custom ecommerce storefront regardless of technical expertise.

"Narrative's unique data commerce platform will give AWIS Weather Services the competitive edge we need to provide quality weather observations to those industries that need real world weather data," said Tim Risner, AWIS's VP of advanced technology. "AWIS's extensive database is filled with real weather observations, not gridded estimates, checked hourly by our staff of meteorologists. Narrative will now help that data reach those that most need it."

Founded in 1996, AWIS ingests current and historical worldwide weather and climate data and has their meteorologists check it for accuracy and reliability. It's then stored in databases for reports or data feeds that can be retrieved via ZIP code, latitude/longitude, map dot points, or any other location needs.

For more information about this partnership, visit www.awisdata.com or www.narrative.io.

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