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ASG Technologies Unveils Mobius 8.0

ASG Technologies, a provider of proven solutions for information access, management and control for the world’s top enterprises, has launched Mobius 8.0, the latest version of the company’s intelligent information management solution that delivers content services with a granular policy management foundation to digitally transform enterprise content and data according to corporate polices and regulatory compliance.

This latest release of Mobius gives organizations the ability to apply policies to corporate information to manage the variety and velocity of enterprise contentregardless of formatwith accuracy and reliability at web-scale volumes. Mobius deploys in public and private clouds, on-premises and hybrid computing environments, meeting a variety of information-driven business use cases and digital transformation projects.

With the explosion of today’s digital organization, businesses are generating more data than ever and require access to a set of web services for capturing, describing, delivering and governing content through a standard documented RESTful API.

This is a challenge given the complicated array of new and legacy platforms on which modern organizations runespecially given the rise of mobile workers and the complexities of industry regulation. As a result, users are too often faced with time-intensive information management processes that detract from their time spent innovating and delivering value to the business.

To meet those demands, Mobius 8.0 provides organizations with the ability to federate and/or migrate any content type from any redundant ECM application regardless of size, format, volume or platform.  Lines of business can systematically rationalize enterprise content, reduce content sprawl, retire costly and outdated legacy content repositories, and better leverage modern content applications. The result is improved operational performance, increased system effectiveness, improved overall profitability and greater assurance that information is managed to be secure and compliant with regulations and internal governance standards.

Mobius 8 provides a unified approach to access content in redundant repositories from a common search facility. Full-text search across repositories (including Unicode and double-byte support and multiple languages) provides a single, logical access point to content across the enterprise delivered seamlessly to the end user or application. In addition, it delivers encryption at rest, redaction of personally identifiable and sensitive personal data based on defined policies, and event-based records management across the entire Mobius deployment and federated content repositories.

Administration assistance is provided through a single view to monitor, audit and track how business information is acquired, accessed, updated and used over the course of its life cycle.  In addition, it provides the ability to ingest, parse and archive petabytes of data at web-scale loads, selectively index information for full-text search and deliver faster throughput for high-volume processing. Mylti-tier storage policies also automate the placement, movement and management of content across on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

For more information, visit www.asg.com.

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