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AI behavior modeling can improve customer satisfaction

The move to work-from-home because of COVID-19 resulted in a rapid acceleration of the digital transformation needs of businesses around the world.

As businesses completed the infrastructure part of that transformation, such as moving data access to the cloud, the next step was figuring out how to manage employees from disparate locations to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Abby Monaco, senior product marketing manager, NICE Nexidia, who discussed AI behavioral modeling and how it can improve employee engagement, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and more.

COVID has forced digital transformation to the forefront of contact center needs, Monaco explained. Work-at-home is going to be the new normal and managing organizations remotely to keep employees focused is a critical need.

Analytics is getting easier to use while gaining sophistication with AI and ML there are more out-of-the-box options available for remote workers.  AI and ML are pushing market leaders ahead of the rest.

Even though workers are now remote, customers expectations have not changed. Proper agent behavior is critical to the success of an organization.

The higher the risk of employee dissatisfaction, organizations can lose engagement and face poor outcomes.

AI behavioral analytics can help contact centers understand customer needs while employees work from home, Monaco said.

AI sentiment analysis of 100% of interactions for customer satisfaction trends related to product issues, process Issues, or behavioral Issues.

The problem with today’s behavioral scoring is that quality managers are manually listening to random calls and collecting random survey data to determine friendliness, active listening, building rapport, empathy, owning the customer’s issue, personality traits.

The result is employee dissatisfaction, high employee turnover, and high evaluation dispute rates.

“When human intelligence fails us, there is only one other option—artificial intelligence,” she said.

The Enlighten solution uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to score every interaction and transform subjective (soft skill) behaviors, decisions and outcomes into data that consistent, accurate, without bias, for every agent and consumer, all with no human effort.

An archived on-demand replay of this webinar is available here.

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