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ABBYY Unveils Unified Cloud Platform with NLP and AI Capabilities

ABBYY has announced the launch of ABBYY.cloud, a platform that provides services and solutions to capture and transfer of information from paper documents into business applications, and enable content classification and translation in 80 languages with a variety of tools for knowledge processing from a single dashboard.

ABBYY.cloud is designed to help enterprises to process, digitize and extract data from sources such as images, text, and invoices. Additionally, ABBYY.cloud customers can leverage both automated and professional human services from ABBYY.

Organizations need to be able to respond to a larger user community while simultaneously providing personalized feedback to individual customers, observed David Yang, ABBYY founder. ABBYY.cloud aims to solve this problem with proprietary AI technology that emulates the human reading process, allowing for the analysis of large quantities of user-generated data. With ABBYY.cloud businesses automatically receive details on what each specific user wants and how they would like to see the product evolve, he added. 

Beginning in 2017, the platform will leverage ABBYY’s Compreno technology, a natural language processing (NLP) artificial intelligence (AI) parser. Compreno will leverage proprietary NLP technology to interpret the meaning of texts and the relationships between them throughout the document, providing the ability to analyze and compare corporate data with AI capabilities, and enabling knowledge workers to uncover insights and trends from unstructured text.

ABBYY.cloud’s technology and services will be offered on a consumption-based pricing model. Document conversion (from PDF and JPG to any format), invoice processing, and translation solutions are now available for testing by enterprises, SMBs, developers and individual consumers via a web portal and open API.

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