• March 14, 2011
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A firm hold on e-discovery

Clearwell Systems has added a new legal hold module to its e-discovery platform. Clearwell Legal Hold automates and streamlines the legal hold process through a comprehensive set of capabilities that are scalable, repeatable and defensible.

With the addition of the new module, the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform supports all phases of the e-discovery process in a single, end-to-end product. Once a legal hold is issued, users (legal, IT or custodians) can easily collect relevant data that can then be seamlessly processed, analyzed, reviewed and produced all within the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform.

Key capabilities of the Clearwell Legal Hold module include:

  • Hold notices can be quickly created and sent to relevant custodians and system administrators via e-mail. Different notices can be sent to custodians and system administrators, streamlining the notification process. Notices can be sent immediately or scheduled for delivery.
  • Hold notice templates are included out of the box, and can be customized and saved in the Notice Library for reuse, enabling administrators to achieve greater consistency and efficiency across the legal hold process.
  • Reminder e-mail notices can be scheduled for delivery to non-responsive custodians, eliminating the need for manual follow-up.
  • Escalation e-mail notices can be scheduled for delivery to a custodian’s manager if a custodian is not responsive, simplifying the legal hold process while maximizing compliance.
  • Surveys containing single-choice, multiple-choice or free-form text questions can be created and issued to key custodians so administrators can easily capture information critical to a case, thereby expediting the interview process. Surveys can also be saved as templates to the Notice Library and reused.
  • Individual custodian portals are accessible that summarize their active, pending and released holds in a single view, enabling them to easily track all their legal obligations in one place.
  • Every legal hold action, such as hold notice, response, confirmation, escalation and release, is tracked and available via an exportable report, creating a complete and detailed audit trail.
  • Administrators have immediate visibility into the status of all legal hold notices across all cases through a single pane of glass. Administrators can drill down by case to view the status across all custodians, including those who have received and responded to their hold notices and those who haven’t.

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