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Many companies contend that their technology is the best knowledge management solution. One of the greatest challenges for organizations perusing these technologies is determining which of these companies will deliver on this promise.

The KMWorld Promise Award is given to the organization that is providing innovative technology solutions for customers by implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into their business processes. The award-winning organization demonstrates how it goes beyond simply delivering technology to working with clients to ensure that both the technology and knowledge processes are embedded into the work processes. In other words, it helps organizations realize positive business results.

During the KMWorld 2023 conference, on Thursday November 9, eGain was announced as the winner of the 2023 KM Promise Award.

eGain’s mission is to help enterprises transform CX and EX (Employee Experience), while delivering quick business value with its knowledge and AI-powered customer engagement SaaS solution.

eGain’s Technology

The eGain Knowledge Hub helps automate customer service and improve all stakeholder experiences—the customer, the contact center agent, the authors, employees, and business managers—by making self-service smarter and augmenting frontline employees. It delivers accurate answers, and personalized conversational and process guidance in the flow of agents’ work. Also, part of the Knowledge Hub is eGain AssistGPT, a new generative AI tool that helps employees become more effective and efficient. An end-to-end knowledge management solution with rich capabilities out of the box, the eGain Knowledge Hub delivers quick business value.

The Challenge

Liberty Mutual Insurance (Liberty) has grown into the fifth largest global property and casualty insurer. It ranks 86 on the Fortune 100 list of largest U.S. corporations based on 2022 gross written premium and revenue.

Liberty’s people are their most important asset. Supporting them requires providing them with what they need to do their jobs. The journey to do that started in 2016, when Liberty established a formal knowledge management program.

It began in U.S. Retail Markets (USRM), which focuses on personal and small commercial insurance solutions and then was expanded in another division, Global Risk Solutions (GRS) which focuses on underwriting large business.

In 2018, led by director of knowledge management Jackie Tellier, USRM’s Training & Knowledge Management (TKM) organization set out to transform the knowledge management experience for frontline sales, service, and claims employees.

With the belief that knowledge management is crucial to an employee’s learning journey and, ultimately, their job performance, TKM developed a multi-year knowledge management strategy. It emphasizes three components—KPIs, user-centered content design, and technology.


With 18,000 pieces of content and 20,000 end users, the team harnessed an iterative approach of build, test, and learn. This lets TKM study end users and business partners to create best-in-class experiences. They challenged themselves to shift from being a content repository to a strategic lever for the business.

Operational efficiencies resulted, including millions in handling time savings and process adherence accuracy. Plus, the user experience improved: satisfaction and adoption increased significantly when using content for day-to-day responsibilities.

The team identified the right technology partners including eGain for knowledge management. Together, they implemented an integrated approach to manage and share content effectively and efficiently. This included a modern UI, accessibility functionality to find content quickly, platform capabilities to reinforce adherence, and technical capabilities needed for long-term evolution.

Defining key requirements and measures of success was critical to their transformation. It helped prioritize the right capabilities, based on value and impact.

USRM’s TKM team continues to evolve content and platform solutions to meet end user and business needs, while embodying KM industry best practices and governance. They’ve proven knowledge management helps push business priorities forward and drives organizational value.

Following TKM’s success, Liberty’s Global Risk Solutions (GRS) started along their own path to a formalized knowledge management program. GRS focuses on insurance solutions for mid-sized and large businesses.

In spring 2022, the GRS Knowledge Management team led by Jenny Steffek began this journey with North America Underwriting, an operation needing content consolidation and a user-friendly KM platform.

GRS Knowledge Management worked closely with TKM to leverage their learnings over the last 6 years. Then, they customized best practices to fit the unique needs of GRS stakeholders. As news broke that their USRM partners would migrate to a new platform, they quickly jumped on board to deliver the first true knowledge management solution for GRS North America Underwriting. They leveraged scale with the USRM organization and partnered with eGain to build a modern knowledge base superior to anything they’d experienced before. Nearlya year after go-live of their own Knowledge Center, the GRS Knowledge Management team continues to support new stakeholders. They currently manage around 4,000 pieces of content used by about 2,500 employees.


Time studies show GRS users find their knowledge 10 times faster and with a 97% search success rate since centralizing knowledge management and rolling out their new platform.

By collaborating across business units, strategically leveraging technology, and keeping employee experience and efficiency top of mind throughout their knowledge management journey, Liberty continues to deliver on its promise to build a high-performance culture while providing exceptional value to its partners and clients.

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