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SamePage gets social
eTouch introduces Version 4.1

We’ve all seen the phenomenal growth of enterprise social software, and I can’t begin to count the number of press releases I’ve seen in my inbox with headlines that tout "Facebook for the enterprise." Literally dozens of vendors are promoting their "solutions," which are often simply a tweaked open source wrapper over existing capabilities. Of course, not all offerings are afterthoughts designed to hitch a ride on a marketing bandwagon.

Many of the offerings are legitimate collaboration tools and expertise locators, and plenty of vendors really got their feet wet in enterprise collaboration. eTouch is one of them. It recently announced SamePage Version 4.1, its flagship enterprise wiki platform. Headlining its features are enhanced social media and deployment capabilities.

The company reports the key social media features of SamePage V. 4.1 include:

  • an integrated social directory with rich user profiles and people search that facilitates people-centric collaboration and helps to keep track of recent wiki activities,
  • user-created profiles to provide a well-rounded view to other users and to become a source for a collaborative social directory,
  • extensive people-search functionality,
  • page ratings,
  • Twitter-like status updates,
  • display of the most recent wiki activities, and
  • on-premise customers can customize the user-profile for their instance and hide SamePage attributes that may not be relevant within their specific organization.

More information about the social features of SamePage V. 4.1 is available at etouch.net/products/collaboration/features_social_directory.   

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